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Robot automation in Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis

ROPCA automates the process of ultrasound imaging and image assessment. The platform ARTHUR, with the included artificial intelligence product DIANA, present a solution, to both the increasing number of RA patients, the hospital cost, and the lack of specialists.

RA has become more widespread among the elderly, and with the worldwide population increasingly aging, RA is soon going to present a larger problem for to health care system and automation will play a key role in solving this challenge.

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  • ARTHUR (ARTHritis Ultrasound Robot) interacts directly with the patient without the need of a rheumatoid specialist, thereby allocating more time the doctor can use for direct patient care.
  • ARTHUR is a CE marked  medical device available for purchase now.
  • ARTHURs connected systems automatically create an AI driven disease activity report and documents it digitally in the Electronic Patient Journal.
  • ARTHUR is designed as a plug-n-play system compatible with the ultrasound machines in the clinics possession, contact ROPCA to learn about the options for your clinic.

ARTHUR helps the health care system

Automation can play a key part in solving the supply and demand gap in the health care system.

ARTHUR will capture high quality ultrasound images – DIANA will create a disease activity report and send it to the specialist.

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